LUONGO BELLWOAR LLP helps clients plan for the future with our estate administration services. With our background and experience, we can handle any estate and assist with distribution of assets upon death.

When an individual dies, it may be necessary to follow formal procedures to settle the estate. The process, known as estate administration, can be a long and difficult process. A legal guide is often the best way to work through estate administration.

Who Administers an Estate?

An individual who files a will before death may appoints an individual to take charge of his/her estate. This personal representative is called the executor.

In most cases, the executor must handle the following steps.

Probate : The executor must “probate” the will. This involves the process of validating the will within the Pennsylvania court.  The process officially appoints the administrator, thus giving them the authority to deal with the IRS on behalf of the estate.

Pay the Debts:  All of the estate’s creditors and administration expenses must be paid.

Manage the Estate : All assets of the estate must be found. In some cases, the executor may have to manage a securities profile and run or liquidate a business. The executor must also obtain tax waivers, stock power, etc.

Take Care of Tax Matters: The executor is legally responsible for filing all tax return, which includes paying all death taxes.

Distribute the Assets: Once the above steps are handled and debt is paid, the executor of the estate must distribute the assets. The process takes time to complete, especially for a large estate.

Estate Administration Service

Handling an estate can be a daunting process, especially for those without experience in estate law. Working with a legal representative is often necessary for ensuring that administration goes smoothly. The estate attorneys at LUONGO BELLWOAR have experience managing estates and take the time to understand each unique situation.

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