Understanding Your DUI Charges

driving under the influenceAfter being arrested for DUI, it is difficult to relax. You are likely to feel overwhelmed about the coming weeks and nervous about the possibility of losing your license or serving time. Meanwhile, the system is working at building a case against you. The best thing you can do in this situation is take action.

If you are facing a DUI, you must hire an attorney to give you a good chance at a favorable outcome.

Taking the Next Step

law consultation
In many cases, a skilled lawyer can help to get you a lighter sentence that doesn’t include jail time or license suspension. A great attorney will be able to dissect your DUI, examine it from every angle, and put together an argument that is tailored for your unique case. You should only work with a lawyer who is able to:

  • Analyze the police officer’s observations at the time of your stop.
  • Develop a strong case to present to the jury and take care of pretrial litigation.
  • Revisit the chemical test of your breath or blood.
  • Prepare you for DUI expungement and all other possible options down the road.
  • Examine the traffic stop that led to your arrest.

Selecting a Montgomery County DUI Attorney

DUI defense lawyersTom Bellwoar, of LUONGO BELLWOAR LLP, has been representing DUI clients since 1993. Some highlights about Tom and our office are:

  • We offer flexible scheduling options in our downtown West Chester office.
  • Tom is no stranger to challenges. He has experience working with clients facing Homicide by Vehicle While DUI cases and is a seasoned criminal defense lawyer.
  • Mr. Bellwoar was recognized as a top lawyer in 2015 and 2016 by Main Line Today.
  • Tom’s experience trying cases for clients who have been arrested for multiple DUIs.
  • Tom has years of localized experience in the Chester County Courts and the Chester County District Attorney’s Office.

We also provide our services in Delaware County and Chester County.

To discuss your options further, schedule a free consultation with an experienced DUI lawyer.