PA State Police are hosting nearly 130 police officers for Operation Nighthawk this weekend in Chester County. Friday March 27 and Saturday March 28, there will be massive DUI enforcement in memory of Trooper Kenton Iwaniec, who was killed by a drunk driver on March 27, 2008. A driver with a blood alcohol level of more […]

Last week, the White House announced a “Student Bill of Rights,” which would give every 18-year-old in America access to a college education as well as require they borrow from the government to fund the education and be given fair treatment by government debt collectors. Consequently, Obama is now asking federal agencies to reconsider how […]

Former heartthrob of “The Partridge Family,” David Cassidy filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Florida last week. In an email shared through his publicist, Cassidy explained that the bankruptcy was necessary for him to restructure his finances as he goes through a divorce from his wife, Sue Cassidy. This filing comes after Cassidy had completed […]

After 11 consecutive unprofitable quarters, RadioShack has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on February 5, 2015. However, a sales agreement could possibly save the company from the painful liquidation that most companies facing bankruptcy undergo. RadioShack has a deal in place to sell between 1,500 and 2,400 of its over 4,000 stores to General Wireless, […]

If you live in Chester County and have an Instagram account, you can now follow your favorite County lawmakers. Although they’re new to the social media platform, they’ll be using it to share photos and videos of interest to those of us who live and work in Chester County. Who says county governments have to […]

In the midst of a scandal that landed him in prison, NFL player Michael Vick filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2008. At the time, he was making 12 cents an hour mopping prison floors and had accumulated nearly $18 million in debt. Today, he has paid off the majority of that sum by living […]

According to information published by the Wall Street Journal, many families should now be more concerned about capital gains taxes than the federal estate tax when it comes to estate planning. For the last ten years, estates of more than $1.5 million could face federal tax rates of up to 50% — with rates jumping around […]

In the 1990’s, the clothing chain Delia’s was all the rage among teenage girls. They marketed their items in a catalogue that doubled as a fashion magazine, and seemed far ahead of the curve and other retail competitors. According to Mary Brett Whitfield, a senior vice president for industry consulting firm Kantar Retail, Delia’s failed […]

This year, the Columbus Blue Jackets will pay defenseman Jack Johnson $5 million. The 27-year-old has been in the league for nine years, making over $18 million. Additionally, he’s still being paid from the seven-year $30.5 million contract he signed with the LA Kings in 2011. So, why did this NHL player just file for […]

The franchise has been a symbol of financial success in America, but it is often short-lived after too much expansion happens too quickly. Although investors are often quick to get behind these projects, franchises still have to deal with issues such as market saturation and shifts in consumer preferences. Plenty of successful chains have found […]