Sobriety CHeckpoint

If you have been charged with a DUI, then speaking to an experienced Chester County DUI lawyer may help you to clean up your record. Many clients with a DUI come to us for criminal record expungement, so that they can get a fresh start. Under PA law, a record may be expunged in the following circumstances (either through a request process or automatically):

  • Successful completion of an Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program
  • Court order for non-conviction data to be expunged
  • Individual has been dead for three years
  • Person 21 or older convicted of a violation related to purchase, consumption, possession, or transportation of alcohol after he or she turned 18 and has now met all of the requirements of the conviction
  • Individual is 70 years or older and has been free of arrest or prosecution for 10 years following final release from court supervision
  • Individual was convicted of a summary offense and has been free of arrest or prosecution for five years

Why Expunge Your Record?

Expunging your record will give you a fresh start so that you can put your DUI behind you and move forward. Some other benefits of record expungement include the following:

  • Pass criminal background checks when applying for a job.
  • Open up eligibility for professional licensures and certificates.
  • Restore eligibility for student loans and housing assistance.

Besides DUI defense and expungement LUONGO BELLWOAR LLP offers other criminal defense services.

The Chester County ARD program

The Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition Program (ARD) is a special pre-trial intervention program for non-violent offenders who have limited or no prior record. About 90% of people in the ARD program are those who have been arrested for Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or a Controlled Substance.

The ARD program aims to intervene at an early state, so that steps can be taken to prevent future incidents. Thus, defendants enrolled in the program are “fast-tracked” into Chester County DUI Program alcohol education classes as well as treatment, if it is recommended. In some conditions, the defendant may have to perform community service, and the defendant’s license may be suspended for a period of time. Once the program is complete, the offender may petition to have the charges dismissed and the case expunged.

If you are interested in having your record expunged after a DUI, then a lawyer can help to speed up the process and get you in the ARD program. Learn how you can clean up your record and get back on track. Call 610-430-6600 or fill out our contact form.