January 26, 2016

A New Law in NY Helps Victims of Sex Crimes

gavelLegislation signed in November will boost efforts to make resources more readily available to victims of child pornography and other sex crimes. It permits the state’s Department of Health to create educational and outreach campaigns to spread the word about available counseling and support services.

Many advocates say that victims of these crimes are often unaware that government-run and nonprofit resources are available, or where to find them. However these resources are often exactly what victims need in order to deal with the lifelong consequences of these crimes.

Many Sex Crimes Go Unreported

Sex crimes are also the most unreported crimes, primarily due to their sensitive and sometimes embarrassing nature. In 2010, it’s estimated that only 54% of sex crimes were reported to police. Many victims may not be actively searching for counseling, but if the available resources were common knowledge more may be ¬†motivated to use them.

At LUONGO BELLWOAR LLP, we stand behind legislation such as this. We’ve taken our own steps to make resources available to Pennsylvania sex crime victims by releasing the Crime Victims Handbook. This handbook not only walks the victim through the initial steps to take after the assault, but it provides the addresses and phone numbers of different emotional and legal resources. You can download the handbook using the form on this page.