February 16, 2015

David Cassidy Files for Bankruptcy After Rehab and Divorce

David_CassidyFormer heartthrob of “The Partridge Family,” David Cassidy filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Florida last week. In an email shared through his publicist, Cassidy explained that the bankruptcy was necessary for him to restructure his finances as he goes through a divorce from his wife, Sue Cassidy.

This filing comes after Cassidy hadĀ completed a court-ordered rehab. Last year, he was arrested on suspicion of a DUI and entered a no-contest plea. He was sentenced to 90 days in a live-in rehab facility and 60 months of probation. He had two prior DUI convictions in 2010 and 2013.

According to the LA Times, the-64-year-oldĀ has assets up to $10 million and a debt equaling the same amount. He owes thousands to various creditors, including Wells Fargo and American Express. He’s racked up more than $39,000 in credit card debt and over $131,000 in attorneys’ fees. Just one personal injury attorneys’ fee comes in at $102,834. Additionally, TMZ reported that he’s in a legal dispute over some Thoroughbred horses he co-owns.

Following his most recent arrest, Cassidy’s wife filed for divorce. She told reporters that the break up had been “looming” for some time and that she was heartbroken. The couple had been married for 23 years and together for 28. They had one son together, Beau. David Cassidy is also father to Arrow actress Katie Cassidy.

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