October 28, 2014

Ex-University VP Accused of Sex Crimes

My_Trusty_GavelFormer East Stroudsburg University Vice President of Advancement Isaac Sanders was fired from the university after allegations that he sexually assaulted three college students came about back in 2009. Now, the story is being revisited thanks too a  federal civil-rights lawsuit filed by the men described as his victims.

One of the students, now 26 years old, says Sanders groped him during a car ride, paid for a class without asking, and even gave the young man underwear as a gift. He gave this information during testimony in the trial on Tuesday, October 28. Other allegations against Sanders include forcing one student into oral sex and making inappropriate comments. The lawsuit claims that Sanders targeted “emotionally fragile young black men.”

Sanders, who denies any wrongdoing, was fired after an investigation by the Pennsylvania System of Higher Education six years ago. The agency paid an outside law firm over $250,000 to look into the sexual misconduct allegations as well as charges of financial malfeasance. Though he was never charged with a crime, his dismissal letter did mention that he had “improperly paid a student’s debt using donor cash.” In that letter, East Stroudsburg University President Robert Dillman also wrote that Sanders’ response to the allegations was “generally not supported by the available information.” There was enough evidence to let Sanders go, but the report was never forwarded to any law enforcement agency.

Now, the three men hope to find the justice they believe law enforcement denied them through this civil suit. For more information on this story, check out the full article on Philly.com.