September 29, 2017

Florida Woman Files Law Suit Against Massage Envy Franchise Owner

Massage Envy LogoA 29-year-old woman is in the process of filing a lawsuit against a Massage Envy on Oakley Seaver Drive in Clermont, Florida, where she says a man sexually assaulter her during a massage.

In May of 2017, the victim arrived for her appointment with a male therapist she had seen several times before. She noticed that the therapist seemed unusually excited to see her.

While she was on her back toward the end of the massage, her therapist touched both of her breasts.

According to the police report, the woman then froze due to shock. When the man asked her “What’s going through your mind?” she managed to reply, “I want to go home.”

Though the massage therapist denies any wrongdoing, he was fired from Massage Envy. He has not been arrested, but the case is currently under review by the State of Florida. According to state records, he still holds an active license to practice massage therapy.

At the beginning of August, the woman filed a civil lawsuit against the owner of this franchise, citing that Massage Envy does not do enough to protect customers from sexual assault. She is not the first victim to feel this way about a massage parlor. Visit our massage parlor assault page for more info.

Read the full story in this article from the Orlando Sentinel.