April 7, 2014

Former Delaware County Teacher Accused of Sex Abuse

A Darby Township Elementary teacher was arrested and charged last month with assaulting three students. Now, more students are coming forward saying that they have also been abused.

Second-grade teacher Paul Hochschwender, 54, is charged with institutional sexual assault, indecent assault, and corruption of the morals of a minor, which are all considered third-degree felonies since two of the alleged victims are seven-years-old.

Hochschwender was freed last month after posting $100,000 bail, but five more girls have since spoken up that they have been assaulted in the classroom.

Four of the girls were seven at the time of the alleged assault, while the fifth (now 18-years-old) claims to have been abused by Hochschwender when she was 10 and in the fifth grade.

According to a CBS article, the DA is working with the school district on the investigation. He says he is looking at what the school district did and what they knew about the allegations.

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