July 2, 2013

Gators Punter Arrested for Scooter DUI


The Florida Gator football team has been making recent news headlines, with ex-Gator Aaron Hernandez being charged for murder while sophomore linebacker Antonio Morrison faces scrutiny for allegedly punching a bouncer.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Now the Gainesville Police Department has reported that walk-on punter Grant Van Aman was arrested last weekend for driving under the influence. In fact, Van Aman reportedly was operating a red motor scooter when police pulled him over.

Van Aman, 19, allegedly ran a stop sign on his scooter early Saturday morning. He then noticed a police car and swerved, almost dropping his scooter.

The officer who pulled him over reported “a very strong odor of alcoholic beverages,” and Van Aman exhibited watery, bloodshot and dilated eyes.

While Van Aman wasn’t expected to take the starting punter position this fall, his run in with the law will hurt his chances even more.

Just like Pennsylvania DUI law, Florida exhibits a zero tolerance policy stating that drivers under the age of 21 who have a BAC of .02 or above can be arrested on DUI charges.


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