September 25, 2017

Investigation Reveals Massage Therapist Still Practices After Being Arrested for Sexual Assault

Marc DeTomasoMassages are supposed to be relaxing. However, in order to get into that relaxed state, you need to put yourself in a vulnerable position.

When getting a massage, you end up naked or close to it, in a room with a stranger behind a closed door. While more and more women are getting massages for the relaxing benefits, the sad trade-off is that more and more massage clients are being sexually assaulted.

The Investigation

Inside Edition conducted an investigation to confirm whether recently charged massage therapists would continue giving massages to women.

A reporter booked a massage with Marc DeTomaso, who was accused of assault during a massage last year at a MassageLuXe near Naples, FL. He was fired from his job and arrested for sexual battery.

However, he continued to give massages.

Lisa Guerrero, the reporter, confronted DeTomaso when he arrived in her hotel room for the massage.

When asked if he believed it was appropriate for him to be giving massages, DeTomaso replied that yes, it was appropriate.

Then, Guerrero asked if it was true that he had been accused recently of battery during a massage. His reply was yes, he had been accused, falsely.

Protecting Yourself From Massage Assault

There are measures you can take to protect yourself from assault during massages. First, understand that massage therapists are trained to keep a sheet covering intimate parts of your body at all times. At no time should a therapist reach beneath your sheet.

If they do, this is a red flag. There is nothing wrong with standing up and leaving the room. Unfortunately, due to shock, many victims freeze up at the time they are assaulted.

During your massage, you can leave on however much clothing you want. Many women feel more comfortable wearing a pair of shorts and sports bra during massages. It is also fine for you to request a female therapist if that makes you more comfortable.

Lastly, if you are assaulted, do not hesitate to bring the case to a manager’s attention, and be sure to file a police report.

It is unfortunate that women must take such measures to protect themselves from sexual assault at all. If you or someone you know was sexually assaulted during a massage, contact PA Crime Victim Legal Advocates right away.