September 25, 2015

Pope Francis Comments on the Clergy Sex Abuse Scandal

Pope FrancisUpdate: This post was written before Pope Francis had a chance to meet with some victims of sex abuse. To read more about that encounter, check out our latest blog post.

The priest sex abuse scandal has rocked the foundations of the Catholic Church and left many, many members questioning not only their leaders but their faith as well.  Pope Francis has, in the past, made honest efforts to heal the church and its members, however his recent comments praising Bishops and Church leaders in the United States for their “courage” was, at best, not well thought out.  “Courage” is a term best used to describe the survivors of the abuse that occurred at the hands of those priests and the Bishops and Cardinals who enabled their actions.

Click on this article that appears in the Philadelphia Inquirer on the eve of the Pope’s visit for some thoughtful responses from victim’s advocates and survivors of sexual abuse.