May 23, 2014

Rights of Sexual Abuse Victims in PA

Victims of sexual abuse in Pennsylvania are protected by the civil justice system. In a criminal case, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania holds the abuser accountable for violation of the criminal code. Victims can also file a separate civil case against the abuser for committing an act of abuse.

Many victims of sexual abuse don’t realize that under PA law, they can seek justice against the abuser, as well as any other person or organization that committed an act of negligence, which contributed to the assault. The best way to seek justice is to work with a sexual assault lawyer.

Filing Claims Against Other Parties

Victims of sexual abuse in Pennsylvania may hold businesses liable in a civil sexual abuse case. Responsible parties may include:

  • Apartment Complexes
  • Apartment Building
  • Restaurant
  • Bar or Club
  • Concerts
  • Festivals
  • Private Events
  • Sporting Events

If any business fails to provide reasonable  security for its customers or commits negligence, which leads to attack, may be liable under PA law.

Statute of Limitations for Pennsylvania Sex Abuse Claims

The statute of limitations for adult victims of sexual abuse is two years from the date of the act. The statute of limitations for victims of child sexual abuse expires on the victim’s 30th birthday. It’s important to know the dates of the abuse. In some cases, the statue may be tolled (for example where an abuser threatened violence against the victim for reporting the crime).

Sexual Abuse Victims Lawyer

Luongo Bellwoar’s experienced sexual abuse attorneys are experienced in seeking justice on behalf of abuse victims. We understand the sensitivity with these cases, and we take the time to understand each unique situation.

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