January 27, 2017

Stanford U Faces Lawsuit For Failing to Take Action Against a Sexual Predator

Stanford University allegedly failed to take action against a student who was accused of assaulting multiple women during his time at the California university, which is now facing a lawsuit. NBC reported on the incident.

After giving him numerous warnings, Stanford did find the perpetrator, known as Mr. X, responsible. He was banned from campus and was given no-contact orders. However, Stanford still awarded Mr. X his master’s and bachelor’s degrees.

When victims came forward about Mr. X’s abuse, staff members tended to imply that the victims were to blame. One administrator allegedly recommended that a victim take a trip to the beach to “deal with her rape.”

Stanford contests that, because one or more victims are not seeking formal charges against Mr. X, recourse is limited. While Stanford maintains that they find sexual assault “abhorrent,” they believe Stanford handled the situation to the best of their abilities.

This isn’t the first time Stanford has been brought under bad light regarding instances of sexual violence. After former Stanford student Brock Turner was arrested in 2015 for raping an unconscious woman, he served only three months in prison.

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