September 17, 2015

Tom Bellwoar Attends the National Crime Victim’s Bar Association Annual Conference

Tom Bellwoar, Crime Victim AttorneyRecently, our very own Tom Bellwoar attended the annual conference of the National Crime Victim’s Bar Association (NCVBA), of which he is a member. The conference was held in Anaheim, CA to bring together crime victim litigation professionals from all over the country to share knowledge and resources to help more victims seek justice. In fact, the NCVBA is the only professional organization in the nation dedicated to helping all victims of crime seek justice through civil justice system.

Membership in this organization connects Tom with other professional members working on similar cases as well as some of the best available legal resources. For example, he is introduced to other members of the organization who are expert witnesses or consultants with a wide range of expertise in crime victim litigation. Members also gain access to a Civil Justice Database maintained by the NCVBA, which often serves as excellent research material for ongoing cases. Additionally, hiring an attorney with NCVBA membership means you are trusting a professional who is not only well trained and connected in the field of crime victim litigation, but also dedicated to educating the public about the harm suffered by crime victims and the availability of civil remedies.

Tom is even more excited to share another year’s worth of experience at the next annual conference, which will be held in the City of Brotherly Love. The NCVBA will be in Philadelphia next year, sometime between September 19 and September 21. For more information about this organization, please visit their website.

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