May 1, 2014

Weekend Warning: Increased DUI Checkpoints in Chester County

Sobriety CHeckpoint

Chester County drivers will see increased sobriety checkpoints this weekend (5/2-5/4). The Chester County Impaired Driving Program will be set up at various undisclosed locations throughout the county.

The West Goshen Police Department released a statement announcing that the checkpoints will be conducted on a highway that has a high incidence of alcohol related arrests and accidents.

Alcohol checkpoints will continue throughout the year at various high-risk locations.

Not sure what to expect from a sobriety checkpoint? Go behind the scenes of a Chester County checkpoint or find out what to do if you are stopped.

Remember to drive safely, and don’t get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking. Many areas are still also recovering from flooding, so be extra cautious this weekend.

If you do run into problems, learn more about DUI defense.

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