Reporting Child Abuse in Pennsylvania

Child AbuseChild abuse is an unfortunately common crime in the United States, and perpetrators are often once-trusted individuals, such as:

If your child is a victim of child sexual abuse it is often helpful to discuss the issue with a child abuse lawyer. It’s not just the perpetrator that should be held responsible for the crimes committed. In fact, in many cases, the employer of the defendant may be liable because of a failure to prevent and report abuse cases.

Statute of Limitations in Child Sex Abuse Cases

Prior to 2002, victims of child sex abuse had five years after their 18th birthdays to file a civil lawsuit in Pennsylvania. In 2002, an amendment extended that period, meaning victims who were sexually abused as minors now have until their 30th birthdays. This special statute of limitations is not retroactive, so it does not apply to victims who turned 18 before its enactment in 2002. However, the House of Representatives approved legislation in 2016 that would extend the statute of limitations until victims are 50 years old, and would eliminate the window in which they could file a criminal case. Currently, we’re waiting for this bill to be voted on by Senate. Learn more here.

Work with a Philadelphia Child Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Parents of abuse victims need to be educated on what is considered as abuse, how to present or quantify emotional damages in a civil case, and how a facility or an employer may have failed to prevent it from happening through poor personnel practices or neglect. If you think your child has been abused by a professional, schedule a free consultation with one of our child abuse specialists to learn more your options.

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