Sexual Assault by a Massage Therapist

Sexual assault is a crime, and individuals who have been assaulted by a massage therapist have rights to compensation through the civil courts, both against the perpetrator and their employer. While getting a massage is meant to promote relaxation, many patrons leave massage parlors and spas feeling violated. The vulnerable nature of a massage leaves many victims questioning if what happened to them was actually a crime.

Sexual assault is a crime, and individuals who have been assaulted by a massage therapist have rights to compensation through the civil courts, both against the perpetrator and their employer.

What Should You Do?

If you believe you have been mistreated by a spa employee, the first thing you should do is document exactly what happened. You should contact the local police and an attorney to determine what options you have. It’s best to take quick action so there is time to gather accurate evidence and take statements.

In addition, the sooner you act, the sooner you can get justice and stop the same unfortunate events from happening to another innocent victim. If the crime occurred in Pennsylvania, refer to our PA crime victim resources.

Recent Cases Against Massage Chains

Massage Envy LogoAccording to court documents, there have been hundreds of reports of assaults by employees of the Massage Envy chain across the country. Massage Envy is a popular chain throughout the United States. While many locally owned spas exist, some of the popular chains include:

  • Hand and Stone
  • Healing Hand
  • Elements Therapeutic Massage
  • Massage Heights
  • MassageLuXe®
  • LaVida Massage
  • Zen Massage

Take a look at some of these recent massage cases that have been in the news:

December 2017: A South Carolina man is accused of assaulting a client during a massage. Learn more.

November 2017: After 180 sexual assault lawsuits are filed against the chain, Massage Envy is under investigation. Learn more.

October 2017: A massage therapist in Minnesota is accused of inappropriately touching a woman during a massage at Massage Envy. Learn more.

September 2017: A man near Washington, DC, is charged with first-degree sexual abuse of a patient after assaulting a woman during a massage. Learn more.

August 2017: A woman sues a Massage Envy franchise owner in Clermont, FL after she is assaulted during a massage. Learn more.

June 2017: A man from Fitchburg, WI is found guilty of third-degree sexual assault during a massage. He is sentenced to six-months conditional jail time and two year’s probation. Learn more.

April 2017: A lawsuit between the West Chester, PA Massage Envy and its parent company escalates to the U.S. District Court. Learn more.

March 2017: A former massage therapist form Coral Gables, FL is arrested after being accused of sexual battery on one of his clients during a massage. Learn more.

February 2017: A former massage therapist from Longmont, CO, is charged with two counts of sexual assault. Learn more.

February 2017: A Portland man is found guilty of 11 massage-related assault charges. He is sentenced to two years in prison. Learn more.

March 2016: A former Massage Envy employee in Tempe, AZ is sentenced for attempted sexual abuse. Learn more.

February 2016: A Winter Park, FL Massage Envy is accused of sexually assaulting six female clients. Learn more.

October 2015: An employee of a Massage Envy in Columbia SC is accused of assaulting clients. Learn more.

October 2015: A man faces multiple counts of abuse charges after he allegedly abused two women at a Massage Envy in Bend, OR. Learn more.

September 2015: LUONGO BELLWOAR LLP filed complaints on behalf of six victims of sexual assault against local Massage Envy West Chester franchise as well as the national franchisor, Massage Envy, Inc. Learn more.

The National Crime Victims Civil Justice AssociationIf you believe you have a case, the attorneys of LUONGO BELLWOAR LLP can help. Our lawyers have handled massage assault cases in New York, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina, including the Chester County case mentioned above, which was covered in Delco Times & Chadds Ford Live. Our firm is also a member of the National Crime Victim Bar Association.

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