Pennsylvania Sexual Assault Attorneys

Sexual Assault VictimSexual assault leaves lifelong emotional scars. If you or a loved one has been the victim of sexual assault, hiring a sexual assault lawyer is the best way to get a settlement. Victims of sexual assault are often reluctant to report the crime because of embarrassment, fear, or confusion about their legal rights. Because of the sensitive nature of these crimes, our sexual abuse lawyers will often speak with a friend or family member to discuss the options.

What many victims may not know:

  • You can file a civil lawsuit while a criminal case is ongoing
  • A business or other organization may be included in a lawsuit that occurred on their premises or with one of their employees.
  • A civil suit is much more likely to produce a monetary settlement than a criminal case

Contact a Philadelphia Sexual Assault Attorney

Sexual assault is defined as any form of unwanted sexual advance without consent. Those who commit these crimes should not be left unpunished, as victims feel a lifetime of emotional pain. A sexual assault attorney from LUONGO BELLWOAR LLP will fight on your behalf.

Our attorneys handle a variety of sexual assault and sexual abuse cases in the Philadelphia area, including:

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