Chester County Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you or a member of your family needs representation in a criminal matter, the attorneys at Luongo Bellwoar LLP in West Chester, PA can help.

West Chester attorney Tom Bellwoar was a Chester County, PA Assistant District Attorney prior to entering private practice as a criminal defense attorney. When you engage Tom for your criminal defense, you gain an advantage in the courtroom:

  • Anticipate how the prosecution is likely to approach your case and help you develop a strong strategy to counter.
  • Trial-tested experience. If your case goes to court, you can rest easy knowing Tom’s seasoned trial and courtroom experience will do what it takes to reach a successful outcome.
  • After trying many cases in state and federal courts, Tom has developed the necessary experience that enables him to evaluate your case and advise you on your options. Those options may include going to trial or seeking to negotiate a lesser charge and sentence.
  • Every case is researched and investigated in order to leave no stone unturned in arriving at the best possible defense and result for your case.

Every felony and misdemeanor case is different as are the outcomes:

  • Charges may be dismissed
  • You may be charged for a lesser crime
  • Your lawyer may negotiate a plea
  • You may go to trial

The outcome depends on:

  • The strength of your case
  • Your attorney’s knowledge of the law and his experience in the courtroom
  • Ability to provide a strong legal defense

Tom’s in-depth knowledge of criminal law and experience as prosecutor allows him to provide you with bold, creative, strategic defenses for criminally charged clients.

 “I am so glad that I was referred to them (Luongo Bellwoar), and I now have my own personal law firm for anything that I may need! I highly recommend them!”
-A VERY happy client! 

Experienced Trial Attorney with an Ability to Negotiate
Taking your case to trial is sometimes the best – and only – way to resolve criminal charges. Sometimes your best option is a negotiated plea. Both the defense attorney and the prosecutor know this. If you have a difficult case, you can rely on Tom’s experience as a successful attorney who has tried numerous cases in Chester County, Montgomery County and Delaware County as well as Federal Court. Tom also has a keen ability to negotiate a favorable plea bargain rather than take the risk of going to trial if the situation calls for it. No matter how strong your case may be, going to trial is never a sure thing.

“Tom was accessible, knowledgeable, and reliable. He not only provided me with a competent legal defense; he helped me to make the first of a series of good decisions that got my life back on track.”

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate
Tom is readily available to answer questions. If you call with a legal question or are simply looking for an update on your case, you will speak with Tom Bellwoar, and not an associate lawyer who you’ve never met. If Tom is in court and unable to take your call, it will be returned by the end of the day. Client’s are kept well informed of the progress of their case and are involved in every aspect of the process in order to help them make smart decisions.

As one client wrote, “We experienced 100% communication. Any questions we had were always answered immediately and phone calls were returned always.” Another wrote, “I was kept abreast of everything that was going on, from beginning to end.”

Professional and Compassionate
Tom feels it is fundamentally important for clients and their families to first understand the criminal justice system and the particular charges that have been filed in their case.

To help you and your family, time is taken to:

  • Explain every step in the investigation, arrest and prosecution process
  • Answer all questions about bail and pre-trial litigation
  • And, what happens when a case is taken to trial before a Jury
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