What is Elder Abuse?

Elder Abuse Lawyer in West Chester PA, Chester County | Elderly Person Face in Hand | Luongo Bellwoar LLPElder abuse is the mistreatment of an older person, often by a caregiver. In many cases this includes assisted living or nursing home abuse. Mistreatment may include physical, sexual, or financial abuse, as well as neglect or abandonment.

More than just the perpetrator may be held accountable for an elder abuse case. For example, a business that fails to prevent and report an abuse case can be considered liable in the state of Pennsylvania.

Types of Elder abuse include

  • Physical abuse and mistreatment by a caregiver
  • Financial abuse or theft by caregivers or other professionals
  • Molestation or sexual assault

What An Elder Abuse Lawyer Does

An elder abuse lawyer seeks justice in cases where an elderly person has been mistreated. Elder abuse is common in many professional settings.  In some cases an elderly person is unable to identify when abuse occurs or is unable to communicate the problem to the authorities.

An elder abuse lawyer has experience in making this type of argument in a civil case.  A lawyer specializing in abuse cases will also know how to identify the liability of a facility or organization that made the abuse possible.

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