LUONGO BELLWOAR helps clients in Montgomery County appeal real estate tax assessments and reduce property taxes.

Each county in Pennsylvania uses a unique ratio to evaluate the value of properties and determine property taxes. In many cases the assessed value exceeds the market value of the property and an assessment appeal can lower the assessed value. LUONGO BELLWOAR is not paid any fee unless the real estate assessment is reduced and the property taxes are lowered.

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Assessment Appeals Resources

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Successful Appeals in Montgomery County

A sampling of some of the neighborhoods and community clients in Montgomery County who have had their property taxes lowered as a result of our representation:

    • Coventry House Apartments, Elkins Park, PA
    • Breyer Estates Condominiums, Elkins Park, PA
    • Briar Woods Community, Elkins Park, PA
    • Briar House Condominiums, Elkins Park, PA